What to expect Thursday from B.C.’s teachers’ strike: Why the 99.4% BCTF vote figure is misleading

If you’re looking for information on Thursday, Sept. 18, go here.

Late Wednesday night, B.C. Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker stood before TV cameras to report that 99.4% of teachers who voted were in favour of ending the strike if the government would agree to drop proposed provision E-80 and accept binding arbitration. The figure is high, and has been cited often this morning on social media and in news reports. But it’s worth noting that the BCTF represents approximately 41,000 public school teachers, meaning around 10,331 teachers didn’t cast votes. That would put the number of ‘yes’ votes at 30,485, or 74.4% of BCTF members.

What to expect Thursday

There are no events scheduled from either bargaining group, though teacher picket lines are still up across the province. As always, we’re keeping an eye out for significant events.

Reported elsewhere

Following news of the BCTF vote, CBC Radio’s The Early Edition interviewed both Mr. Iker and B.C. Education Minister Peter Fassbender on the results and the stalemate that is keeping schools closed. The audio of that interview is below, including a remark from Mr. Fassbender at the 16:40 mark that prompted host Rick Cluff to exclaim: “You’re going to wait till October?”

BC’s small businesses are worried about the BCTF strike: CFIB

Nearly half of BC small businesses say the teachers’ strike will have a negative impact on their bottom line, according to a new survey.