Could B.C. teachers end up voting no to the tentative deal?

As details of the tentative agreement between the teachers’s union and the government emerged Tuesday, the terms of the deal came under increased scrutiny, especially by teachers. Though it’s hard to tell how broad the support is for the ‘vote no’ movement, it has caused a lot of chatter online in the past 12 hours (UPDATE: See our full story on this subject). Here are two points of view as teachers prepare to vote on Thursday:

Argument for voting no, by Tara Ehrcke:

Staffroom Confidential

Argument for voting yes, by Sandy Garossino:

Should teachers accept the contract? (with tweets) · Sandy Garossino

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Photos: Darryl Dyck for The Globe and Mail (left), Rafal Gerszak for The Globe and Mail (right).

Editorial: Two sides in education labour dispute must find an interim way to open schools

The Globe and Mail’s editorial board has weighed in on the B.C. teachers strike:

The constitutional question at the heart of the virulent conflict between the B.C. government and the B.C. Teachers’ Federation should be dealt with at the slow, deliberate pace of the courts, while students and teachers (not to mention parents) can get on with their lives, under some sort of interim compromise.

B.C. schoolchildren can’t wait for a final Charter ruling