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Who are the most-Googled party leaders in every riding in Canada?

With the election underway, we’re all looking for data that suggest which parties Canadians are most interested in. Polls, including the Nanos Party Index, are one source of data. Another is search traffic. Below is a riding-by-riding breakdown, courtesy of Google, of who the most-searched party leader is in each riding. It’s an interesting measure of which leader is sparking curiosity in each riding, though it shouldn’t be taken to necessarily translate into votes: for instance, the Conservatives look unlikely at present to win in downtown Toronto, and the Bloc Québécois probably isn’t winning seats any time soon in the British Columbia Interior.

And on the national picture, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have been neck-and-neck as the most-searched leaders. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May spiked in May, likely due to a speech at the annual Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner.

Of course, all these numbers only serve to show how searched leaders are in relation to each other. How much do Canadians search for information about politicians, compared to non-politics queries? Here’s a clue: Canadians were still 10 times more likely to Google Minions than Stephen Harper.