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‘Hurricane Hazel’ endorses Kathleen Wynne

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne swung through Mississauga today, and won an endorsement from mayor Hazel McCallion. According to The Canadian Press, the mayor said she was supportive of the provincial Liberals because of their “respectful” relations with municipalities.

Ms. McCallion, 93, is one of Canada’s longest-serving mayors — she’s been in office continuously since 1978. (It’s hard to track who would get the longevity crown, though a mayor of a tiny Newfoundland community celebrated 50 years in office last year.)

Ms. McCallion is expected to publish her memoirs this fall.

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John Tory’s victory speech: ‘I’m just so happy’

After 9:30 p.m. and 40 per cent of the vote, John Tory took the stage for his victory speech.

Barb is John Tory’s wife.

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