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PMO: ‘The mayor’s comments and behaviour are very troubling’

And earlier today, speaking at an event at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said Mr. Ford showed “courage and guts” in deciding to take leave to deal with what the mayor called a “problem with alcohol.”

When asked about news Wednesday evening that a drug dealer said he sold Mr. Ford crack cocaine and then filmed him smoking what appears to be crack, Mr. Blaney said all Canadians need to obey the law.

“Every individual in this country has to abide by Canadian law,” Mr. Blaney said, after announcing a pilot project to treat mentally ill federal offenders. “When anyone is taking action to deal with a personal issue, I think this must be acknowledged as something very constructive because we all have our own challenges.”

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John Tory’s victory speech: ‘I’m just so happy’

After 9:30 p.m. and 40 per cent of the vote, John Tory took the stage for his victory speech.

Barb is John Tory’s wife.

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